Aug 14 2018 - 03:08

Da Lat – a poetic and peaceful small city located on the Langbiang Plateau in the southern parts of Central Highlands Region, for a long time, attracts and flutters not only who once visited here but also whom even only heard about it through poems, romance stories and oral tradition. This beautiful city owns many poetic names like: The City of Thousands Flower, the City of Fog, the City of Romantic Sadness, Paris of Vietnam. Obviously, Dalat has deep and beautiful idea with each name.

The nature has given a dreamy air, a temperate climate and a fresh air for DaLat. All this greatness has urged the family of Arico to choose DaLat for annual company leisure travel. It helps us to dispel anxiety and stress of modern life.

Dalat welcome us with a sudden drizzle in early morning mist. People used to say “After rain comes fair weather”, Da Lat didn’t make us disappointed. The rays of the sun gradually appeared and the drizzling rain also gradually vanished, it just had raindrops remaining on each flowers and grasses.

We visited the famous places in Da Lat such as: Van Thanh Flower Village, Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Lang Biang Tourist Area, Gong Cultural Exchange on Langbiang, Domaine De Marie Church, Clay Tunnel, Lam Vien Square, Cau Dat Tea Hill, Cam Tu Flower Village, … To continue the joyful atmosphere, The Organizing Board held a Gala Dinner program called “Thap Ngon Lua Xanh” which was inspired by enthusiasm, happiness, dedication of the whole staffs of Arico company in the past time with many games such as: lucky draw, count the number, the strongest man of Arico,… This was the opportunity to get together, close, exchange and unite with ARICO members. Although we had only 3 days in DaLat, but it was enough to remain the friendship and obliterate the distance of Arico members. All good things must come to an end, but those beautiful memories will remain in our mind. “No beauty is eternal but its moments are eternal”.

We would like to say thanks to families of all Arico members who have trusted, joined and contributed to the joyful atmosphere of this trip. We also appreciate the Organizing Board who created favorable condition for the family of Arico who enjoyed a useful, meaningful and attractive tour.