Lumping and clustering during freezing are always an issue that makes food processor headache. It effects on frozen product appearance by sticking freezing tendency, especially for foods small in size and varied in shape, from fruit (half, chunk, etc..) to shrimp.

Arico’s Fluidized IQF, by using Fluidized Effect, is the perfect solution for this issue. It is ideally to freeze small, delicate and hard to handle foods of differing shapes and sizes, from fat, juicy (mango, strawberry…) to tiny size (shrimp smaller than 300/400…) foods.

The rich flavor, texture and quality of frozen food can be preserved with short freezing time, no deformation, lower weight-loss and non-sticking.



Advanced Freezing Technology:

  • We first applied Fluidization freezing technology in 2001 in Vietnam. After decades of continuously improvement with number of effective models, now we go on innovating this technology with higher efficiency and call it “Uni-Fluidization”. The air pressure and air flow are now controlled and independently adjusted better than ever before, make Arico’s Uni-Fluidized IQF capable to freeze a very wide range of food products of different weights, shapes, sizes, and properties.
  • With new fluidization chamber structure, the air jets are distributing evenly along the fluidization belt enough pressure that equals to the product weight make them float freely, become uniformly, and be frozen quickly, individually.

Efficiency and High productiveness:

  • For a season product like fruits, high productiveness plays a very important role while they are harvested in a mass quantity and require very short processing and freezing time (within several hours after harvesting). They should be maintained their delicious flavors, beautiful color and their nature appearance.
  • As the food demand is going up day by day, the Food processors always require a high productive freezer that is not only able to considerably increase their productiveness, but also remarkably reduce the CPU (Cost Per Unit) and OMC (Operation and Maintenance Cost). Uni-Fluidized IQF is not standing out of this trend, with designed freezing capacity up to 3000 KG/HR (with mango chunk 25×25) and AAD system (Automatic Air Defrost) along with CIP (Clean in Place), it provides more than 24 hours non-stop operating and reduces the defrosting and cleaning time a half compares to conventional IQF.

Quality and Hygiene Design:

  • Uni-Fluidized IQF is designed with fully stainless steel and food grade materials enclosure; full-welded floor and sturdy structure. Not only that, but also, the “Access everywhere” and “Easy to Clean” design criteria are immersed into Uni-Fluidized IQF, thus ensure our Quality and Hygiene Policy.
  • It allows easy and effective cleaning even after years running, satisfying the highest food safety requirements, especially in Ready to Eat Food Industry.

Low Energy Consumption Innovation:

  • Nowadays, Go Green is our motto that leads us to be more responsible to the world we live. With the help from powerful computers, we calculate and optimize the air flow; design the sturdy structure that reduces the pressure drop, eliminates the vortex, and decrease the air loss; improve the refrigerant distribution in the evaporator; then resulting a Unique Fluidized IQF with less power required for fans and less refrigeration capacity requirement from the system.

Tailor-made Solution and Customization:

  • As a Design and Build Contractor, our designs are flexible to every customer’s need. Out of standard design, we also offer a customized Uni-Fluidized IQF that meets your requirement and condition. If you have any problem, please leave it to us.


  • Small and delicate foods like peas, diced pineapples, melon, etc., are scattered all over the mesh belt and passed through the freezing cabinet. Using fluidized principle with the circulating cold air-flow by high pressure fans, blowing upward through the mesh belt and layers of the products, creating cold air buffers between the products and the belt, separating products from one another and help freezing more quickly.
  • There are minimum 2 freezing stages:
    –   Firstly, the wet product enters the increased cold air buffer zone. The high degree of fluidization that is created by high performance fans, improves the heat transfer rate that help product to be rapidly crust frozen, minimize dehydration and preserves the product’s flavor and texture. The aerodynamics can be flexibly controlled and adjusted base on types of product, thus allow optimal airflow and pressure rations throughout the process.
    –   Secondly, the product is transported through the freezing zone, subjecting to fully deep freezing in the lower temperature area of IQF while staying separate and natural.



  • The fastest and most cost-efficient solution for small, delicate foods, fruits and vegetables with shaping and sizing according to export standards of US, Japan, EU.
  • Separating products in freezing process.
  • Short freezing time. Superior product quality, no deformation, lower weight-loss.
  • High efficiency airflow and heat transfer. Low power consumption.
  • Allow independently adjustable airflow, conveyor belt speeds for specific product.
  • Fully welded self-draining stainless steel floor structure.
  • Sturdy design, high quality and well-known brand names components, convenient for maintenance or replacement in long term.
  • Simple operation, easy access for sanitation and maintenance.
                      Module Fluidized IQF