Cooking And Cooling

Cooking is the art of pumping heat into the product while minimizing the weight lost. After cooking, the cooling step is always required to cool down the products to a suitable temperature for the next processing step.

Arico first successfully manufactured Steam Cooker in 2004, after years of listening and developing, now we can provide a complete solution for a Cooking line for various cooked products. Starting with shrimp, now develop the Steam Cooker with multi-function that can properly cook not only small size product like shrimp, lobster; product with shell like clam, blood cockle, mussel; but also, medium and big size like fish, octopus, squid, eel, and crab; with remarkable low weight lost.

The Steam Cooker itself cannot outcome the remarkable low weight lost. After cooking, with the core temperature of products normally around 70 Celcius degree, the products are still losing their weight due to evaporation. They should be cooled down as quick as possible. So Arico Counter Flow Cooler (combined with Rainfall effect) is the perfect missing part to complete the solution. With innovation on balancing the water temperature (Counter flow technology combined with Rainfall effect) and controlling it at deserved temperature, the cooling step becomes the final stage adding more values and bringing back more benefits to Arico's Clients.

Energy Efficiency – High Yield – Food Safety – Excellent Appearance

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