Refrigeration System


Since established in 1977, starting with a simple refrigeration system for Automatic Block Ice Making, along with our history, we have been learning and growing, gaining more and more knowledge and experience on how to design and build a proper and trustworthy refrigeration system for even the most complex food processing plant or other demands.

We are always the leader in Refrigeration Industry in Vietnam and till now, we are the only Design and Build Contractor here. We offer the industry's most comprehensive of self-performed services, from initial system design and contracting to refrigeration parts, services, maintenance and everything in between.

We can provide Clients a complete solution. Having a single responsible source enables us to deliver a system that meets your needs and reduces costs incurred with quality, time, energy and efficiency.

We perform our ability not only on a full design and build contractor, but with our expert service team, we also provide Clients maintenance or system improvement services. Products and services provided by Arico will be maintained by top technicians.

From Ammonia system to Freon system or alternative refrigeration system, you can count on us.

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We have a professional service team that has more than 10 years of experience on refrigeration system. This team is a perfect solution for Installation, T&C , System Inspection, Maintenance, System Operation Training, System Repairing and Retrofitting services.

Our Service Team has worked 24/7 and is well trained in all aspects of refrigeration equipment. We have ability to offer Clients preventative maintenance service, from monthly checking to full service. The system needs to be pre-scheduling inspected by experts to troubleshoot problems before they occur which will help the Clients save time and money.

When trouble arises, it needs to be inspected and solved as quick as possible due to improperly functioned parts in the system may cause partially or fully stop of the whole plant, resulting in certain lost to Clients. We completely understand it and with our experts, we believe that we can minimize those potential losses by approaching, inspecting and solving these troubles in shortest time.