Nov 02 2020 - 02:11

December 22, 2020 was a very wonderful day with us, because Arico held a corporate anniversary celebration and happy birthday party to all employees taking place at a very warm and joyfull atmosphere surrounding.

It was not only a celebration of a Arico’s continued development after a particular number of years, but also an opportunity to remind us off unforgettable accomplishments throughout many years. It was also a very special occation for us to reunite, gather and have a happy party to tighten the solidarity and friendship to each other.

Some people from distant projects were trying their best coming back and sharing the joy together, spending their familiar hugs that made colleague spirit strongly strengthen. We all were holding our brother’s hands to celebrate the party and determineded to build a very happy worforce at Arico.

Carrying on 40 years of tradition in industrial refrigeration from Searefico, Arico has been spreading our vision and desires to reach the international market. Through huge of continuous efforts, we have achieved many appreciable suscesses and left many imprints in customers and partners in different regions.  Today’s success is built from contributions of each member in Arico family. We believe that, with a spiritual unity, highly determination and mutual appreciation, Arico will be non-stop in our sucessful road.

This memorable party was closed with fantatis smiles on slips and gifts on hands to every single Arico’s member. Happy Birthday Arico, Happy Birthday all members in Arico family.