Apr 05 2018 - 02:04

Within every spirit there is a love. And around rush and busy life, we are getting closer together by the love with the round ball. There are many reasons that make you be in love with football, you love football because you have a favorite football club and your football idol, you love football because you love the excitement of this sport. And here, at ARICO, we all love football because it helps us relax after being under high pressure of work, we all love football as it gives us a chance to be playing and hang-out together after every football match thanks to strengthening relationship between our colleagues as well as with other companies.

Today, receiving an invitation from our neighbor company – STD&S, we have come and had a very excited football match with the football team of our neighbor company. After the match, we had a very good time together with a BBQ’s party at the campus of the company. And after today, the relationship between ARICO and STD&S will be more strengthened.