Sep 08 2018 - 11:09

A Mid-Autumn season is coming on every corner of the streets, every the streets, the villages; from the countrysides to the vibrant cities with beautiful lanterns in Vietnam. The Mid-Autumn Festival has been bringing happy and jubilant atmosphere to great Arico’s family. As people used to say: “Mid-Autumn Festival is Children’s Day”, but for us, Mid-Autumn Festival does not discriminate between young and old, it is also the Tet of the sisterliness, the Tet of the attachment, Tet of the reunion to link the relationship between colleagues, friends, partners, family members, etc. When it comes to Mid-Autumn Festival, people will image to colorful lanterns and mooncakes. The Arico’s Executive Board  understand and want to show the interest in Arico members, so they has given the presents are the mooncakes to the members here, with the desire on the Mid-Autumn Festival people can gather, reunite and chat together with the family, the table, mooncakes and delicious hot tea under the full moon night in August. HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL.