Arico tunnel freezers can freeze or chill all kinds of products according to your needs including slice fruit, vegetables in tray, seafood, meats, prepared dishes, hanging meat carried on racks, etc. This tunnel freezer is designed for industrial purposes that can deep-freeze large-volume products in a minimum amount of time.




Tunnel freezers are built for capacities varying from a few hundred kilograms to several tons per batch. The freezing time in this type of equipment varies considerably from less than 30 minutes for small products such as slice vegetables or seafood in a thin layer to more than 12 hours when freezing meat carcasses. This freezer can be operated in batch, semi continuous or continuous mode.

Inside the tunnel freezer, the evaporation coils are placed on a frame combined with the fans circulate the cold air through the trolleys and the products. Normally the products are placed on trays that are stacked on trolleys. The tunnel contains one or two rows of trolleys arranged in line for freezing process. When a trolley leaves the freezer, the frozen products are removed from the trays and the trolleys are returned to the loading station.