Arico has been building and supplying control panel solutions to the refrigeration industry since 1980s. Our control panels vary from small wall mounted panels to PLC based Control System with a central SCADA System.

We supply control panel solutions to the Refrigeration system, HVAC and Food processing process.

We fully test completed assemblies and all electrical control panels




We integrate and value-adds to the extensive range of refrigeration system, HVAC and Food processing process, with a focus on providing quality control panels at competitive prices yet providing our customers with custom solutions to meet their application requirements.

Applications typically include: compressor sequencing, condenser fan & pump sequencing, fan coil unit control panels, level & pump control, evaporator valve control, automated product conveying controls, etc.



Arico’s control systems are automated with industry PLC automation hardware and HMI system to allow operators the ability to control and operate their system. We built the control panel in our workshop and programming with the software to meet all process requirements. Our control panels are supported by the application knowledge that has been synonymous with Arico for many decades. We have standardized programs for refrigeration & food processing controls, which are modified to meet process needs.

Our Engineering and Services:

  • Project & Specification Design
  • Control System Coordination
  • System Troubleshooting
  • System Upgrades and Maintenance

We will partner with our customers from initial concept through to final commissioning and approval.  Talk to Arico today about your refrigeration system, HVAC or any Electrical Control Panel requirements.