We manufacture in accordance with TCVN, ISO standard, ASME Code and capable to comply with other codes and standards.

Our pressure vessel product range includes Liquid Receivers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Oil Separators, Surge Drums, etc.

Fully automatic welded & 100% ultrasonic testing all the welding line. 



Arico have been manufacture of pressure vessels for the industrial refrigeration industries since 1980s. We can build different types of pressure vessels to serve the needs of the industrial refrigeration industry. Our products are used for refrigerants such as ammonia and various halocarbons in refrigeration systems, food and beverage processing plants or cold storage application.

Our pressure vessels for the industrial refrigeration industry comply with ISO standard or ASME standard at pressure ratings and temperatures per the specification requirements. Moreover, pressure vessels are an important component in the industrial refrigeration system which does not consume energy directly but nonetheless they affect the overall energy efficiency of the system. Thanks to our capability of design & manufacturing all the pressure vessels together with our refrigeration system D&B activities, we can ensure the highest efficiency solution for our customers.

Arico’s common pressure vessels including:

  • High pressure receiver
  • Low pressure receiver
  • Thermosyphon receiver
  • Control pressure receiver
  • Accumulator
  • Surge Drum