Arico can design, supply and integrate, install and program a supervision control and data acquisition system (SCADA) suited to your exact requirements. Our solutions keep a watchful eye on the performance of all your systems and let you know when potential problems may occur.

We can provide a range of systems from the simplest such as a fan coil temperature monitoring system to the more complex system for whole refrigeration system in the food processing factory.

Arico can help you plan your SCADA implementation, with expert consultation, training and support.



Your refrigeration system and processing equipment is the heart of your factory, and it doesn’t always show symptoms of problems to come until a breakdown has already occurred. Moreover, the best systems can lose efficiency over time. Our SCADA collects data every time your system runs to provide insights to help you proactively maintain your equipment health and keep it running longer.

Arico SCADA features include:

Refrigeration Process Controls

  • Compressor Sequencing
  • Condenser Fan & Pump Sequencing (VFD, FVNR and combination)
  • Refrigerant Liquid Pump Control
  • Pressure Vessel Control
  • Evaporator Valve & Fan Control
  • Temperature or Pressure Refrigeration Valve Control
  • Defrost Controls

System Monitoring

  • High and Low-Pressure Alarms
  • High and Low Vessel Level Alarms
  • Ammonia Detection Alarm
  • Refrigeration Motor Feedback for Running or Failure Alarm
  • Refrigeration Equipment Status (Zone Temperatures, Temperature and Pressure Trending on Graphics System)
  • Energy Usage

Refrigeration Energy Management Controls

  • Suction and Discharge Pressure Optimization by Compressor Sequencing
  • Refrigeration Controls
  • Night time and Weekend Temperature Setback Program
  • Base Load Analysis & View graph of base load to identify when changes occur
  • Reports are generated automatically so that operators have the insights they need to make decisions