Cold / Cool / Walk-in Storage

Insulation is the art of trapping heat and in some cases, we would like to call ourselves an artist. PU insulation panel is a composite prefabricated building material which is made up of a rigid core sandwiched between two metal sheets. The rigid core is made of Polyurethane which is well-known for its excellent thermal insulation properties and it is considered as the most popular insulation material for Cold storage and Energy efficient building.

Since first produced sandwich PU Panel in 1988, we continuously developed and innovated our solutions to a variety of applications such as Cold Storage for seafood, meat and poultry; Cool Room for fruit, vegetable, convenient foods, diary and beverage and Walk-in Storage that can be installed in a small area like restaurant, bakery, catering facilities with relatively short delivery and installation. Numerous configurations are available to meet your conditions and space requirements.

Apart from the Insulation Structures, we also provide a complete solution based on Clients' requirements on refrigeration system (complex to compact system, separated to rack compressor), piping works, connecting works and finishing accessories.

Arico Cold Storage, Cool Room and Walk-in Storage are seen as the solutions to ensure the strictest rules of hygiene and safety.

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