Meat And Poultry

Handling Meat and Poultry is not easy as it looks like. As global population increasing, the demand for meat and poultry has remarkably lifted year by year. In this industry, the convenience products, ready to cook and ready to eat foods are the notable sectors.

Freezing Meat and Poultry requires some special solutions that can only be provided by just few manufacturers who have a vast experience and know-how to process these products in a proper way. Due to these products' properties like as extremely sticky and over medium size, the IQF must be a special one that not only quickly freeze the product to maintain its flavor, texture and color but also ensure the high food safety standard because they are normally ready to eat products.

Arico, with its excellent products and services, supplies to Meat and Poultry processors not only a single machine but also an optimum solution. Chicken in diced or stripe, minced meat, sticky marinated meat … cooked or raw, can be frozen properly with good separation by Arico IQF, despite the fact that they are normally in high in-feed temperature, marinated with oil, water, sugar and other spices. Depend on the production line setting, whether the Uni-Impingement IQF, Uni-Fluidized IQF or Uni-Tempura IQF is considered.

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