Shellfish and Shrimp

Shellfish in general and shrimp in particular have marked a considerable growth in the last decade and there is no sign of stopping lifting in market demand. Seafood processing industry, at the commence, is our field and Arico has played an important role in Vietnamese Seafood Industry, in which we help to shape the industry that we see it today.

We can provide you a complete solution for a shellfish (or shrimp) processing plant including refrigeration system, processing line and cold storage. We have thorough knowledge of developing processing lines that minimize waste through gentle and optimal treatment of raw material. We master on every processing step from sorting and grading, cleaning, filleting, de-heading, deveining to cooking, freezing and storing.

One of the most important equipment in a shellfish (or shrimp) processing plant that can be counted is the IQF. Shellfish and shrimp are extremely sticky and the IQF will face a challenge that it has to freeze but keep them separately. The other considerable issue is the shell, tail and antenna breaking since shellfish and shrimp will become very brittle when frozen.

The risk of cross contamination is the other thing that we need to pay attention. With Arico's advanced design features, this issue will be eliminated and there is no development of bacteria and contamination between batches of products, ensuring reliable food safety and superior freezer that meets all the high-quality standards of the frozen food industry.

Arico's IQF always has its own flavor, and with more than 20 years of listening to our clients, along with continuous development and innovation, Arico Uni-Impingement IQF has come to the market and ready to serve the clients with all of its new upgrades.

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