Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits are sensitive products that require distinguished processes and freezing technics to maintain their taste, smell, texture intact, meanwhile, they are must be separated from each other. Some tropical fruits, banana, mango, pineapple, for instant, are high sugar content and this leads to extremely sticky into lumps or blocks during the process. Some others, like strawberry, are very sensitive with mechanical impact and must be handle with care to avoid damage or marks.  The IQF for fruits and vegetables must preserve all their appearance and natural nutrition.

The most challenge when dealing with vegetables is their appearance and color after processing. This challenge appears not only in some steps of the process but the overall one from preprocessing step to washing step to freezing step. Not only delicate and fragile vegetables like broccoli, spinach must be handle with care, but also the more solid ones like green bean, peas, brussels sprouts mushroom.

Arico Uni-Fluidized IQF is the best solution for frozen fruit products due to its innovated freezing technology. The key performance is its two-stage freezing technic and the unique aerodynamics in freezing zones.

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